Coronavirus Update

Update Thursday 24th March 2020

Dear Member,

Events have moved very fast and although we introduced schemes to help all members of the club play some sport, the new regulations have changed everything.

Tennis, Cricket, Squash and Junior members.
I regret that we are closing the tennis courts with immediate effect. The government has made clear that this is no longer permissible.

I am sorry, but no one can use the bubble or the outdoor courts.

Club House
I am working there for a couple of days as we close the place down. We are turning off heating, fridges and freezers.

We are suspending as many contracts as possible to reduce our costs. Items purchased on lease still have to be paid for.

The clubhouse is going to be locked down and members will have no access until we reopen.

Members details
We mentioned a couple of weeks ago in our newsletter that we are making members phone numbers and email details available to our members. This is through our web page and can be viewed by logging on, as if booking a court, and going to’ search member’. We have done this today so that members can stay in touch with each other in these difficult times.

We have only included those aged 19+. Parents of children have been included.

You can log on and take your self off so others cannot see you if you do not want this, or you can email me and ask for your details to be non-viewable.

The airhall is expensive to run – we are planning to empty the hall and deflate it on Thursday. It will remain on the court and not be put away. It takes 20 people to do the latter and the company involved is unable to provide the staff. So, we will be removing the lights and other contents and letting the airhall down.

Tennis courts – hard courts
Jet cleaning of the tennis courts. The two mini courts were done yesterday, and the other two tarmac courts are due to be cleaned Thursday and Friday. We will see if it is then possible to clean the two acrylic courts following that. Regulations are changing daily and therefore we must see if they are allowed to continue.

However they are being prepared for our return and not, sadly, for now.

Tennis Courts – Grass courts
We will continue to get the courts prepared and rolled so that if we can play again in June or July they will be playable. This of course costs a fair sum of money. We will continue to do this whilst the contractors are allowed to do so.

Cricket Ground
We will continue to get the ground prepared and ready so that when play is allowed again the square will be fit for purpose. Again, this is provided the contractors can continue to work.

They will be lone working in the wide outside so it should not be a big issue.

I will be working from home from Friday. We ask you not to phone the Club from now on as we will have no staff to answer the phones and I am involved in closing the place and making final arrangements. Please only use email.

The Club and survival
This is a members Club, owned and run by the members, and therefore we all need to help in its survival.

In this sense, as I have asked before, we really need you to continue to pay for your memberships.

The Club has struggled financially in the past and although we were turning the corner, we have NO reserves whatsoever to combat this latest challenge that we all face.

It is the subscriptions that we collect in the next two months that will pay for our staff, the grounds maintenance and other costs over the whole year when we start up again. It will also pay our retained costs during the close down.

Those renewing in April will get their renewal invoices today or tomorrow.

Those renewing in May will get their renewal invoices in Mid-April.

When all this is over and we the come back to the Club, we will see what it is we can offer to members who have supported us over this period. I cannot promise anything now, as it is too early and depends on the situation at the time. But with your support we will get through this.

The Challenge for some of our members including our Directors.

We have a significant number of members who are in the 70+ age group. And quite a number with underlying medical issues. This is an incredibly worrying time for them, and their families and we can only wish them the very best. An action group has been set up at Bromley Cricket Club and if anyone knows of anyone of our members who needs assistance, we have a large band of volunteers who are ready to help. This is, most kindly, being co-ordinated by Fran Powell and she can be contacted at Please do contact her if you or anyone you know needs assistance.

Keep safe

Best wishes

Tony Beddoe