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Update On Junior Tennis Program News

Junior Tennis Program in Full Flow and Feeling It!

The Bromley Cricket Club junior programme has been in full swing all through 2012. With the delightful help of the bubble, we have seen our juniors have a great winter of uninterrupted training. Everybody seems to be thoroughly enjoying working hard and that should lead to some exciting things for the future. The juniors’ ability to have a strong work ethic and enjoy it has been impressive; but most importantly their hard-work seems to be inspiring the adults. Hard work is definitely an infectious attitude and it is rubbing off on all of us on and off the court.

Despite media rumours that tennis is being played less and less people; the club has seen people a lot of interest shown in the younger ones. Tots tennis is seeing an increase in numbers which is always exciting. The number of 4/5 year olds attracting every day perfecting their skills on the mini-red courts is so great to see. The mini red balls are bigger and softer so the game is easier to play and teach. I think it also reminds us all of why we started playing the game and the joy we can sometimes forget we ‘should’ be getting from it.

Incorporating the little people into our program has been a real aim of BCC. Building the junior program from the bottom is always a successful strategy and sometimes Elizabeth Maguire, Head Tennis Coach, does not get enough credit for the all ‘behind-the-scenes’ work she does. If you do have a young child, no matter what age or standard, please feel free to ring us and have a chat. Tennis benefit’s a child’s hand-eye coordination very quickly, as well as building confidence and creating independence


Experience and Attitude are Priceless in the Modern Game

The AEGON Team county events have seen BCC field some very young sides and therefore the result have not always gone our way. However, the attitude of our youngsters has been beyond phenomenal. They have continued to fight and stay positive no matter what the score is. This is a skill that all tennis players need and we are very proud of the performances given; especially considering most players will have at least two or three more years in the events they are playing for.

Leader of our Under 8 and 9 Team, Marcus Ayolott, aged only seven-years old said, “We did ok.” Marcus has particularly enjoyed being taught how to, “hit the baller harder.” Marcus’ younger brother, Charlie, was also called into the Under 8 team, aged only four-years-old. We have also seen success in our older teams with the Boys under 10 taking a good win merely two weeks ago and our Under 12 Girls also putting in some strong performances for the club.

Overall, the results will come but our lack of experience this year can only lead to better things in the future with a few club titles not far away.


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