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Summer Tournament 2015

First of all I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who helped and participated in this summer tournament, without you it wouldn't have been possible. A big thank you to Richard Checkley and Josh Sacks for doing such a good job organising everything and ensuring it ran smoothly. 

We had brilliant sunshine on finals day and it was only towards the end during the handicap mixed doubles that it became overcast and began to drizzle. 


Suzie Barker and Duncan Shrimpton took on Val Cockburn and Josh Sacks in the Mixed Open Doubles. It was a close match which went to a final set tie break!


The sun was out and the spectators had a great view of the matches in front of them, better seats than Wimbledon!! Ollie Hungate sat relaxing after his Handicap Men's match.


Thanks to Christina Papageorgiou, she did a excellent job using her display skills to create this unqiue trophy table.


As the day drew on and the wind started to pick up and it became a little overcast, easing the strain on those who were participating in more than one match.


Thank you to everyone who came along to watch, you did a excellent job of supporting our club and cheering the players on.


Matt T.C and his brother Chris, had a challenging match against Duncan Shrimpton and Simon Parr for the title of Men's Open Doubles champions.


Ollie Hungate and Ahmet Ferredin played against Richard Checkley and Matt Hall in the Men's Handicap doubles. Handicaps can be extremely challenging even for the most experienced players.


As the afternoon drew on the temperature dropped, umpires were seeking alternative layers of clothing to keep warm. Towels were the most effective as blankets, as seen above by Coach Carrie.






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