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The grass courts are open for play (unless otherwise indicated on the chalk board or clearly not fit for play) at 12.00 on Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays and at 13.00 on all other days. Play on the grass should finish no later than 21.00; matches may require a later finish time.

Grass courts cannot be pre-booked.

Courts 1 & 2 are usually set-aside for matches. When three courts are required for a match, court 5 or 6 will also be used.

Inter-club matches and club play sessions (Saturday/Sunday afternoon and Thursday evening) take priority on the grass.

  • Club tournament matches take priority over other arranged games. Members not playing tournament matches may finish a
  • Set before vacating the court for a tournament match.

When all courts are in use and players are waiting, the players on court (unless playing a tournament match) are asked to

  • Finish the set in play and vacate the court to enable another four to play a set

During club play sessions, a short set or 7 games should be played if any player is waiting.
Grass courts cannot be held by players waiting for they’re four to arrive if the court is required by a four ready to play.

Nominated junior members (see notice board) have access to the grass as above. Other junior members may play on the

  • Grass courts at the discretion of the club coaches.

All members are asked to lower the nets at the end of the day.




The airhall is up September to April (weather dependant)




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