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For those who are unaware the festival has been running for around 30yrs and is based at the Jersey squash club with the matches played at three other venues. There normally 5 0r 6 divisions each with and A & B section of 4 teams, therefore between 40 and 48 teams.



From left:
Zeb Young, Matt Horder, Joe Magore, Andy Brackstone, Lewis Ryall


Lewis Ryall (Bromley BCC) squash levels 6790
Zeb Young (Limpsfield) squash levels 5662
Joe Magore (Canterbury) squash levels 6631
Matt Horder (Bromley BCC) squash levels 3425
Andy Brackstone (Bromley BCC) squash levels 1374

From our experience of DIVII the last couple of years and with Lewis and Zeb on board we elected for DIV 1a.
The weekend started well, we landed in Jersey, it was decided that 6 people would not fit in the hire car, a ford focus!
Matt decided to go hire another car!

As we were loading up the Focus Matt and Lewis pulled around the corner in a Mazda MX5 with the top half down and jammed. What a site. 


When the ‘Gurls’ , Dorset accent compliments of Andy, as they were now known, finally got the roof down and pulled away in their hairdressers car we were finally off to the hotel. 

Our first match was not until 3pm at the ‘Fort’ against ‘The Achilles Healed’, a team from Berkshire who were batting further above their station than we were. Coincidently Matt had played for them more than 10yrs earlier, how time flies!

As we approached the venue, Joe came out with the classic, “that’s a massif building, it looks like a castle” we promptly pointed out that was why it was called  ‘The Fort’.

Lewis and Andy went on court first, Lewis had a fairly comfortable match and took that 3-0.

Andy, recently back from injury, was feeling the lack of fitness and whilst holding his own failed to make enough of an impression against an opponent who was obviously a better player.

Zeb and Joe’s matches were all comfortable at 3-0.

Mat had a close game but came out 3-2 up.

We took the match 4-1, a great start.

FRIDAY EVENING OUT…..but not out out!


Our next match was the toughie to say the least, The Horsham Stars! Consisting of:

Richie Fellows, PSA ranked 100, U19 European Champion
James Simpson, Highest ranking 205, squash levels 9,500
Ben Ford, highest ranking 80, squash levels 12,500
Mike, Ben’s standard.
Paul Franklin or Dave Wolland at 5. 

We new what the score was likely to be so nothing to loose…….

Lewis v Richie and Joe v Ben were first on with Lewis putting in a sterling effort, arguably his best performance for a very long time, scoring 7,9 & 7 in his games with some seriously long rallies throughout, one leaving Lewis taking rather more than the time allowed at handout, I think he found new ways to suck in air!!

All in all a stunning performance from Lewis who took more points from Richie than anyone else in the competition.

Joe started brilliantly by taking the first from Ben, although Ben was ‘hanging’ a little this was no mean feat as you can appreciate. Joe lost the next and nearly took the third but Ben’s experience and level of squash was too much for Joe. Fantastic effort, our first point of the match.

Zeb was next on against James Simpson, this was a great match with these two the closest in level, Zeb lost the first & second but Zebs fitness was proving to a great asset he took the 3rd. Into the forth saw James was forced to resort to some quality retrieval and take the match 3-1. Great effort by Zeb.

Matt went on against Mike, who at 4 was very strong, similar standard to Ben, Matt kept up with the pace for a while but Mike pressure was relentless and took the match 3.0.

Andy went on against Dave at 5, Andy was feeling very good and took the first game, however the batteries were running out and Dave was one of those players you didn’t want to put the ball on his racquet, unfortunately that’s exactly what Andy did! However, another point on the board. 3-1 to Dave.

The ‘Bromley Boys’ did exceptionally well albeit 5-0 victory to the eventual winners of the tournament.



Our last match against the ‘Gurnsey Donkeys’ was similar to the first match given they had lost there no. 1 and brought in a replacement at 5.
We took that match 4-1 to come second in our box and forth overall in the competition out of 40 teams.
Man of the match/weekend was a toss up between Joe and Lewis but the decision went to Lewi as Richie doesn’t drink!!


A superb team effort.

A great weekend and competition.

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