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Scottish Doubles Open 2012

Friday 13th January 2012 saw 25 highly trained squash athletes from Bromley CC make their way to Edinburgh for the annual Scottish Squash Doubles Championships.  The Royal Scots Hotel gave a warm welcome and players had the afternoon to explore before training at Grange Sports Club (home of Scottish cricket – no comment) and the only club in Edinburgh with grass tennis courts.  Hospitality from The Grange included opening of the bar, before returning to the Royal Scots for a meal served in the “Scots Room.”    Food and wine were enjoyed and a memory toast was made for Graham Lilley, who had been ever present with Lucy on all previous visits. 


Saturday, and the team arrived at Colington Castle squash club to compete in the well respected and illustrious Scottish Doubles Competition.  Matches were fast and furious and even more competitive than other years.  Most doubles teams enjoyed wins and also losses, which meant they fell by the wayside in trying to reach the finals, although Graham Edwards and Paul Roberts went on to gain 3rd in the over 55’s.


The successful pairings reaching the semi-finals on the first day were Lewis/Adam in the men’s open; James/Keeley in the mixed open and Tony/Brian in the over 45’s.   Most players played  about 4 matches on the first day, with the exception of Cass and Gary McCarthy who played eight, all of which they lost! On a positive note, it did mean they could have a lie in the next morning!

Sunday matches saw most pairings playing for final placing.  The three pairings still in the competition played well and won their semi-finals and progressed to the finals.  Tony/Brian were first up in the over 45’s final and played as well as they have at any time and at 1-1 hopes were high.  However, the Scottish pairings who have won the competition for the last 4 years held their concentration and minimised mistakes winning 3-1.  Well done Tony and Brian.


Mixed doubles final - Next up were James/Keeley who had just had a tough semi-final, winning 3-1.  The final was nip and tuck and every game was tense.  In the 1st J/K came from 9-10 down to win 11-10 and in the 2nd came from 6-10 down to win 11-10.  James was playing accurately and with good pace and Keeley, playing on the forehand volleyed and dropped well to keep the pressure on her side of the court.  The 3rd was equally tight but by now J/K were gaining in confidence and they run out winners 11-8.  Winners – Champions!


The men’s open was on last and saw 2 brothers Lewis/Adam playing 2 brothers!!   As with all quality doubles matches, pace, accuracy and power are the basics and rally’s go on forever!!  The first game was close but L/A were always just in front and were more consistent.  The second game started closer but again Adam retrieved everything and Lewis mixed the game up and slowed the pace, moving their opponents around and forcing mistakes.  In the 3rd game the Gray brothers swopped sides but L/A kept a grip on the game going 8-3 up.   Adam decided to go walk-about and the score narrowed to 8-6, before L/A tightened up and ran out worthy winners, winning 3-0.  Winners – Champions!


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